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The public of VIVADANÇA International Festival will have access to multimedia performances at the Lounge created at Passeio Público. The place will host, in 4 different days, artists from Bahia who mix audio and visual experiences through art and technology. The events are open and happen on April 1st (Sunday), 14th, 21st and 28th (Saturday), in two sessions, at 5pm and 9pm. Admission is free.

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April 1st (Sunday): The SoundSystem Afrofuturístico will lead the opening with DJs RIFFS and Edbrass, with a mix of African music and elements of electronic dance, in a Live PA style and improvised digital art performance


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April 14th (Saturday): It will be up to DJ Mangaio to set up the pick ups to the sound of afrobeat, also in Live PA style, with the musicians Marcelo Seco and Mamá Soares.



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April 21st (Saturday): The place will host an installation, Ambulante Original, a partnership between Djs Dudoo Caribe and Germano Estácio, which combines popular culture, personalized speakers and alternative media, and Ana Dumas with her multimedia car, created from references from sound systems, carrinhos de café, trios elétricos, Bispo do Rosário's installations, stencil graffitti and pop elements.


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April 28th (Saturday): Coletivo Xaréu will be the last to perform on the Lounge, mixing live music and live video in its performances with a strong aesthetic experimentation.



Free admission